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All the tools an advertiser needs to create, buy and measure brilliant, fully-transparent cross-device branding and response advertising. Deliver across premium private marketplaces and/or the open marketplace safely with ease, and at genuine scale to human, in-view audiences. Target digital OOH locations dynamically, linking precise mobile location data into the equation. Six years in the making, the Scoota platform is the next-generation solution for today's brands considering an in-house solution.


Our fully transparent programmatic buy-side platform enables the creation and delivery of all the established rich media solutions, a collection of special branding and video units we have evolved, and all the standard display formats.


Being able to reach the right audience is an essential requirement for any advertiser looking to deliver relevant and engaging brand messaging.

At Scoota we offer a broad range of contextual and audience-targeting solutions alongside granular device and user data, empowering brands to deliver relevant, highly-targeted campaigns.

Brand Protection

To drive performance with programmatic advertising, reach is essential. Thanks to Scoota’s patent-pending Sentinel, finding engaged audiences beyond the limits of the established networks is simple, but ensuring that reach is human, in view, and in a brand-safe environment requires special technology.

Scoota’s Agatha combines a sophisticated array of technologies that provide robust detection of anomalous ad delivery and interaction behaviour. Every Scoota creative contains the Sentinel environment analysis system, which can detect suspicious patterns of behaviour within the format itself using a number of different strategies, and report this back to Agatha. Our data pipeline then applies further analysis at the session, device, domain and request levels to continuously build a profile of the delivery landscape and sources of suspicious activity within it. This information can be fed back into the both automatic and manual prevention of further anomalies.

  • Detection within every ad delivery through multiple approaches
  • Can spot non-human or suspicious behaviour within the format
  • Sophisticated analysis techniques spot trends within sessions, campaigns and across the entire system
  • Scoota bidder automatically optimises away from suspicious sources
  • Anomaly reporting provides insights into problematic supply that can be actioned on third party platforms
  • Keyword technology to avoid negative pages
  • Viewability measurement and targeting to ensure your ads are seen

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Scoota’s rich reporting suite boasts real-time, granular, rich media analytics that allow brands to understand who they reached, what worked and why, measuring creative impact and brand uplift for the most interactive campaigns.


How well a campaign performs is invariably a combination of great creative and the right type of targeting. But, great creative only goes so far if the audience is restricted and the optimisation can’t be exploited properly.

Thanks to Sentinel and the power of The Rig when used as a fully-functioning DSP, Scoota prides itself in delivering the most powerful results around, and regularly exceeds engagement rates of over 2000% above the industry norm for rich media.

Whatever the sector, Scoota’s The Rig will find the right audience to allow your creative to work to its best potential.

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Scoota’s The Rig is a fully transparent self-serve buy-side system designed to give full control and complete transparency to advertisers. Advertisers can deliver truly compelling rich branding creative and/or standard display, across many thousands of the leading publisher sites; and thanks to Sentinel and Project Agatha, also deliver with complete confidence across an assured Open Marketplace to drive optimisation and performance.

Managed Service

If you’re looking for more support, Scoota has pooled a team of industry experts who can create, activate, measure and optimise your campaigns for you - while providing you with the level of complete transparency and control you require.

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