Scoota And Ternio Partner For Blockchain Verified Ad Campaigns

Scoota, the market leader for automated, brand-safe online branding, has announced that it has selected Ternio as its preferred blockchain partner to facilitate enhanced transparency within its programmatic ad campaigns. Ternio is the leading blockchain company bringing transparency to programmatic digital advertising with its high transacting blockchain, called Lexicon.

Scoota offers a fully programmatic platform for the creation and global delivery of rich, highly engaging ad formats without compromising creative execution or brand safety. This partnership will enable Scoota to be one of the first ad buying platforms to offer Ternio’s blockchain technology for programmatic advertising campaigns. Scoota’s clients will have the ability to utilize blockchain to gain complete transparency of their ad spend throughout the entire ad supply chain, on a per-impression basis.

Scoota is pioneering brand safety; its anomaly detection technology links dynamically to its bidder to optimise away from fraudulent traffic in real time, and it has developed new approaches to viewability and domain verification; but despite this market-leading approach and dedication to full transparency, the addition of blockchain capabilities will cement its offering as the safest in market. By integrating Ternio’s blockchain technology, Scoota and its clients will further reduce waste, better fight ad fraud, and get more value from their ad spend, and gain a better understanding of where their ad dollars are going.

“Scoota has always been on the forefront of using technology to facilitate transparency and brand safety for their clients,” said Ian Kane, co-founder of Ternio. “By integrating Ternio into Scoota’s buy-side platform, advertisers will gain granular insights into every ad impression being purchased all executed in a programmatic environment.”

“Blockchain is fascinating on many levels; its ability to change the ad tech landscape is substantial, yet very few businesses can claim a blockchain framework that is fast enough to make it viable for the demands of online advertising at scale. Ternio delivers on the speed challenge; we’re really excited about exploring what we can do together for the benefit of our clients.” Added James Booth, Founder and CEO of Scoota.

Ternio’s blockchain framework uses smart contracts to ensure demand side terms are met while also providing visibility into the transactions in the supply chain. It is the only decentralized blockchain that can support the high queries per second (QPS) required for programmatic buying and selling.  Combining it with the Scoota’s broad range of contextual and audience-targeting solutions empowers brands to deliver relevant, highly-targeted campaigns without any wasted ad spend.


Ternio is a leading blockchain company that brings transparency to programmatic digital advertising with its Lexicon framework. Lexicon is the only scalable blockchain solution for programmatic digital advertising – capable of supporting over 1 million transactions per second.  Ternio provides the solution to existing companies in the ad supply chain – enabling those companies to verify users, instantly pay publishers, and protect advertisers from ad fraud.

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Scoota is the leading digital marketing technology company that enables advertisers to create, activate, measure and optimise brilliant brand campaigns at scale. It offers a single, fully transparent programmatic platform for the creation and delivery of rich, highly engaging formats via private marketplaces and the open marketplace, globally, without compromising creative execution or brand safety. Scoota’s platform includes a unique patent-pending campaign pre-testing system that dynamically manages delivery, and a revolutionary fraud detection solution; combined, these open up huge scale safely, allowing for much greater levels of optimisation while protecting users from unwanted over-targeting or brands from concerns over fraudulent traffic, content destination and viewability.