what’s the future of online advertising in 2016?

Steve Filler, Scoota’s Tech & Distribution CEO, sets his sights on what 2016 will look like for online advertising:

  • Programmatic will finally get creative

There’s a lot of talk among media agencies, trading desks and the big creative agencies about programmatic being a positive creative opportunity rather than a threat, but so far there have been very few great creative examples.

I think we’ll see creative agencies play a more active role in helping clients to deliver smart, relevant and visually stimulating creative messages across a range of digital channels. Brands and agencies will align their programmatic brand and direct response activities, feeding off the data being generated to deliver optimum performance, whilst delivering an enhanced creative experience for users that will curb the trend of users turning to ad blockers.

  • Storytelling across all digital touch points will become a hot topic

An emerging breed of data-driven planners will help brands to craft sophisticated, sequential and relevant messaging. Technology will be a significant enabler, but it will be the quality and range of assets being created which will differentiate the winners and losers.  Cross-device targeting will become increasingly important in the quest to deliver a series of relevant messages to a single user as they move from site to site and from screen to screen.

The increasing shift to mobile means we will see the development of exciting new formats that capitalise on the full functionality of the device and play on the personal nature of a users’ experience on their phone. The role that mobile plays alongside other digital activities in delivering on a brand advertiser’s goals will also be a significant focus for media and creative agencies and their technology partners.

  • The big players will have to step up or risk losing share

Consolidation in the ad tech space will continue to be a theme in 2016 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a significant increase in agency budgets allocated to testing a new wave of DSPs or tech platforms in 2016.

The big players will be under pressure to ensure they are capable of providing their clients with a best-in-market solution as 2016 will be a year of experimentation, with clients continuing to demand and expect the best programmatic solutions that allow them to centralise budgets as well as innovate and deliver the best possible brand experience.