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Incredibly powerful brand safety, unique reach technology and the most engaging creative - all within a single fully transparent platform.

Brand-safe, transparent, intelligent programmatic delivery

Delivering brand advertising while exploiting the best of programmatic and ensuring all aspects of the delivery are brand-safe requires special technology. Scoota has spent the past five years building just that.

At the heart of our platform is our patent-pending Sentinel, an intelligent campaign delivery system that dynamically pre-tests and assesses the environment it’s delivering to. This allows us to activate rich branding solutions across special-interest sites, as well as private marketplaces, enabling advertisers to deliver rich, enticing creative formats at real scale. It’s thanks to Sentinel that we are able to drive levels of optimisation that in turn ensure maximum effectiveness without needing to over-target the same users. Sentinel is the magic in the mix, protecting brands at every level.

Sentinel uncovers incredible reach but to make that reach safe and fraud-free, we developed the Scoota brand safety solution – a unique approach to fraud detection that allows us to protect the brand and ensure creative is delivered to a real and engaged audience.

  • Existing viewability and fraud platforms struggle to track rich media effectively
  • Scoota’s revolutionary bot-detection technology reveals what other systems don’t
  • Bot detection linked directly to the delivery system – bidder dynamically switches away from anything suspicious
  • Bots duped into interaction with the creative execution
  • Makes programmatic trading reliable and considerably more powerful
  • Sophisticated viewability and domain verification complete the brand safety reassurance

Creative Toolkit

  • A comprehensive cloud-based creative toolkit that enables HTML5, cross-device creative format production
  • Produce a wider range of custom high-impact formats and standard IAB Rising Star units
  • Built for and in collaboration with our designers, our toolkit allows creative teams to build bespoke, compelling creative formats

The Scoota Analytics Suite

The Scoota analytics suite is a new force in engagement reporting, giving brands and their agencies complete transparency across the deepest levels of engagement data in near real time, through access to the widest range of metrics.

  • Summary stats & campaign and strategy listings
  • Key metrics – summary of the main stats
  • Domains
  • Device type
  • Creative analysis – hotspots per creative
  • Creative dwell times
  • Video dwell times
  • Video burn-down
  • Video completion rates
  • GEO location
  • Expansion rates
  • Interactions
  • Click-throughs
  • Anomalies
  • Custom reports

Our fully-transparent reporting technology has been built so advertisers can optimise against these reporting metrics in real time, opening up new levels of creative performance to deliver stunning results.

For more information, please contact info@scoota.com


Video and rich media demand-side platform

A fully transparent programmatic platform dedicated to the planning, buying and optimisation of video-driven rich media and standard display, safely and at real scale.

  • Fully transparent self-serve or managed-service delivery
  • Sentinel – ultimate reach and optimum protection built in
  • Modular framework for integration with other demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Integrated with all the key supply-side platforms (SSPs)
  • Private marketplace access to many thousands of premium sites
  • Buy and deliver bespoke high-impact solutions, IAB Rising Star formats, video, and standard display
  • Activate first- or third-party targeting with the leading data providers
  • Intelligent contextual targeting capability
  • Single-tag delivery across desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Viewability targeting, monitoring and reporting
  • Scoota rich media formats can be delivered through the following DSPs: MediaMath, Turn, AppNexus, The Trade Desk and DBM.

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