Our Platform

Create, activate, measure and optimise brilliant brand advertising at scale - all within a single platform.

Intelligent programmatic delivery

At the heart of our platform is Sentinel, an intelligent campaign delivery system that dynamically assesses and adapts to the requirements of each individual web page in real time, ensuring we always deliver the optimal creative experience.

This allows us to activate expanding formats across open ad exchanges as well as through private marketplaces, enabling advertisers to deliver rich, enticing creative formats at real scale, and so fully exploit the potential of programmatic media systems while protecting their brand and their creativity.

Creative Toolkit

  • A comprehensive cloud-based creative toolkit that enables HTML5, cross-device creative format production
  • Produce a wider range of custom high-impact formats and standard IAB Rising Star units
  • Built for and in collaboration with our designers, our toolkit allows creative teams to build bespoke, compelling creative formats

Rich media reporting suite

Our reporting suite empowers advertisers to understand and optimise the performance of their campaign, whatever the objective.

With access to a wide range of metrics engagements, interactions, dwell times, video completion rates and custom events, advertisers can understand the true impact of their campaigns.

Our reporting technology has been built so advertisers can optimise against these reporting metrics in real time, opening up new levels of creative optimisation.

Being able to measure and adjust the creative, targeting and media selection of a campaign, in real time, can deliver stunning results.

Video and rich media demand-side platform (DSP)

A platform dedicated to the planning, buying and optimisation of video driven rich media, programmatically and at scale.

  • Self serve or managed service delivery
  • Modular framework for integration with demand-side platforms (DSPs)
  • Integrated with over 20 supply-side platforms (SSPs)
  • Private marketplace access to an impressive range of premium publishers
  • Buy and deliver bespoke high-impact formats and IAB Rising Star formats
  • Activate first- or third-party targeting with the leading data providers
  • Intelligent contextual targeting capability
  • Single tag delivery across desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Robust brand safety
  • Viewability targeting, monitoring and reporting
  • Sentinel-based formats can be delivered through the following DSPs: Mediamath, Turn, Appnexus, The Trade Desk and DBM.

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